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In our work, we use materials from various brands, but the most frequently chosen by our clients and recommended by us are products from Tafisa. They are characterized by durability, beautiful colors, and a pleasant texture. We encourage you to watch the videos below and learn more about this brand. If you are looking for more information, please click on the Tafisa logo to visit their website.

Remember! Not all colors may be available in our region. Importing some of them may be impossible or very costly. Therefore, please contact us or our designer, who will show you the entire range of available material samples.


M203B - Black BRAVA
T2015VA - Apres-Ski VIVA
T2006VA - Tea for Two VIVA
M2013Y - Summertime Blues VIVA
M2011Y - Stargazer VIVA
M2010Y - After-Hours VIVA
M2005Y - Sunday Brunch VIVA
M2003Y - Weekend Getaway VIVA
M2004Y - Winter Fun! VIVA
M2001Y - Tete-a-Tete VIVA


L474C - Brushed Aluminum Crystalite
L421C - Candlelight Crystalite
T476CR - Prestige Maple CRYSTALITE
L420C - Summer Flame Crystalite
L303C - Hardrock Maple Crystalite
L178C - Classic White Crystalite
L203C - Black Crystalite
L204C - Ivory Crystalite
L201C - Shadows Crystalite
L202C - Summer Drops Crystalite
L444C - Chocolate Pear Tree Crystalite


L542A - Autumn Leaves Alto
L551- boardwalk
L543A - Spring Blossom Alto
L540A - Summer Breeze Alto
L541A - Winter Cherry Alto
L538A - River Rock Alto
L533A - Latitude East Alto
L532A - Latitude West Alto
L530A - Latitude North Alto
L494R - Dark Chocolate Urbania
L492R - White Chocolate Urbania


Finsa Roble Colorado 97V
Finsa Roble Aurora 98V
Finsa Espiga Pimienta 97Q
Finsa Espiga Sal 98Q
Finsa 70F Tessuto Linen
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