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Color: "Weekend Gateway".Hardware and accessories: Brushed chrome.

An elegant and stylish closet. On the left side, there are double hanging bars, while on the right, there is space for longer clothing items such as coats or dresses. In the middle, there are shelves and drawers. The closet is illuminated with LED strips and also includes a belt rack. This is a perfect solution to save space and organize belts or other small hanging items, providing easy access to them. The closet is finished with a subtle baseboard molding and has a backing that completes the overall look while also covering up unsightly, old, or uneven walls.

Possible additions include hooks, a tie rack, a valet rod, a mirror, a hamper, and many more.


Color: "Latitude North" . Hardware and accessories: Black

This stylish and modern wardrobe built-in is finished in "Latitude North" color, which gives it an elegant look. The black hardware and accessories add contrast and complement the aesthetic of the furniture. On the right side of the built-in, there is a wardrobe with opal panel doors that let in natural light while providing privacy. Behind the lower doors, there is hanging space for clothes, and behind the upper doors, there are shelves to store various items. On the left side of the built-in, there is a dresser with 10 drawers that close softly and smoothly thanks to the "soft close" guides. The bottom of the wardrobe built-in is finished with a matching baseboard, and the top is finished with a matching crown molding, adding elegance to the overall design

Possible additions:  LED lights.


Color: White Hardware and Accessories: Brushed Chrome

Located in the attic. Skewed ceilings have been avoided, leaving extra space under the ceiling for storage of small and large items. Additionally, there is space for hanging clothes and shelves. Most of the unit is placed above the floor, which provides even more space for items such as suitcases and helps maintain better cleanliness in the room.

Possible add-ons include hooks, LED lights, belt racks, tie racks, valet rods, mirrors, doors, drawers, hampers, and many more.


Color: White. Hardware and accessories: Chrome

Closet located under the stairs. On the right side, there are shelves and compartments for cutting boards. This section is fitted with an outstanding column in the corner. On the right side of the shelves, there are pullout shelves and sliding baskets . On the wall next to the shelves.

Possible additions: hooks, LED lights, drawers.


Color: Stargazer. Hardware and accessories: Matt gold.

The closet is enormous. At the entrance, there are slanting shelves for shoes and glass shelves at the top. In the main part of the room, there is plenty of space for hanging clothes, glass doors, additional glass shelves, drawers, laundry hampers, and a central island. There are drawers on both sides of the island. The top drawers have jewelry inserts. In the middle of the closet, there is a thick glass panel painted black underneath, measuring half an inch, covering the island. On the opposite wall, there is a makeup table with drawers and a removable panel covering the water valves.

There is a toe kick along the closet, and various accessories have been used such as tieracks, belt racks, scarf racks, and different types of hooks. The closet is illuminated with various LED lights. Strip lights, puck lights, and even lights embedded in the hanging rods have been used. In addition, the ceiling is adorned with crown molding, completing the elegant look of the master walk-in closet.

Possible add-ons: Mirrors